Brothers Ben-Yitzhak: 888 Founders

888 Holdings was founded by Aaron and Avi Shaked, along with Ron and Shay Ben-Yitzhak.
888 Holdings has been able to establish some of the most lucrative online casinos in the industry due to their contributions. Even though Ron and Shay Ben-Yitzhak are no longer involved in the company’s daily operations, their influence will not be forgotten.

Please continue reading their detailed biography to learn more about the Ben-Yitzhak brothers’ involvement with 888 Holdings. You will gain insight into their infancy, relationship with the Shaked brothers, and contributions to this revolutionary company.

Early Years with the Ben-Yitzhak Brothers

In the mid-1960s, Ron and Shay were born in Ashkelon, Israel. While they were still in elementary school, their parents began experiencing marital difficulties, which ultimately led to their divorce. Ron and Shay were obliged to divide their time between their parents and found this adjustment to be difficult. Since Ron was 2 years older than Shay, he also had to get a job. early on to help support his mother, who had been struggling financially since the divorce.

Ron and Shay both excelled in mathematics in high school due to their innate ability. Ron chose the Israel Institute of Technology to study engineering when it came time to continue his education. A few years later, Shay enrolled at the same institution, majoring in computer science. During their college years, they first became acquainted with the Shaked Brothers, who were attending a university in a nearby community. Each of the four brothers shared a passion for arcade games, often staying up all night to play.

After graduating from college, Ron began working for Zix-Av Engineering as one of its chief engineers. Shay, on the other hand, worked for Tower Semiconductor Limited as a software engineer. They would frequently play poker with a group of acquaintances on the weekends. They would occasionally travel to Egypt to tour one of the numerous new casinos that were opening there. They played a variety of games, but poker, roulette, and craps were their favorites.

Cooperative efforts with the Shaked Brothers

Ron and Shay had not seen the Shaked brothers for several years, so they were delightfully astonished to receive a phone call from them. Avi and Aaron Shaked wanted to meet for lunch and indicated that they had something essential to discuss. Ron and Shay had no notion what the Shaked brothers would propose, but they were glad to see their old companions.

During lunch, the Shaked brothers disclosed the endeavor on which they had been focusing for the past few years: a completely accessible online casino. They needed to find someone who could develop the software and ensure that the online casino games were authentic representations of those found in traditional casinos. Knowing the brothers’ expertise in engineering and computer science, as well as their fondness for casino wagering, they believed Ron and Shay would be ideal candidates for the position.

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